SCCM-Installing Visual Studio Enterprise 2015

Hi All,

last week I had a requirement from a customer to install Visual Studio 2015 with PowerShell option, automated for all their developers. So, I’ll share here the experience.

1- 1st, you need to create the adminfile.xml. This file will be used to customize the installation. To do this you need to run the installer (in my case vs_enterprise.exe) with /CreateAdminFile

2- once you have the xml file, open it on notepad and search for PowerShellToolsV1. where Selected=”no” change to Selected=”yes”. Note that i’m not talking about Yes, has to be yes. it is case sensitive.

3- the 3rd line, BundleCustomizations, change NoCacheOnlyMode, NoWeb, NoRefresh and SuppressRefreshPrompt to =”yes” (again, case sensitive)

4- open the xml via internet explorer, if IE cannot open or generates an error, there is a problem with the XML and the installation will fail

5- copy the xml file to a share folder (i’m using a shared folder because I want to have flexibility when changing the file without need to distribute the changes to a DP and have the client downloading everything again).

6- Create a Application and Deployment Type.
For the installation command line, I used: “vs_enterprise.exe” /adminfile “\\server\share\adminfile.xml” /quiet /norestart /ProductKey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx /log “C:\Windows\temp\VS2015_Install.log” (note that the serial number does not have the “-“, remove it when adding to the command line)

For uninstall, I used: “vs_enterprise.exe” /uninstall /force /quiet /norestart /log “C:\Windows\Temp\VS2015_Uninstall.log”.

the downside of uninstalling Visual Studio was that it also uninstall Silverlight, so Application Catalog will not work until the Silverlight is reinstalled.

7- For detection method, use a MSI Product Code for the file \packages\enterprisecore\vs_enterprisecore.msi

8- for user experience, make sure you install for system and the time I had to use 60min (but this was for the lab)


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