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Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been reviewing the latest book from a friend and fellow MVP Garth Jones called System Center Configuration Manager Reporting Unleashed.

I have to say that I was impressed how good the book was written and cover most (if not all) aspects of what you need to know about reporting in SCCM.

Of course, there are load of things that only the experience will teach you but this book is a good start.

Over the years working with many companies that uses SCCM, I could “classify” the SCCM admin in 4 different categories:
1-Novice – someone that is starting with SCCM, he/she normally do not have any experience with SCCM nor with SQL and Reporting
2-Junior – someone that has a good knowledge of the SCCM when using the console, however, cannot do anything else. he/she may have a some knowledge of the SQL but lack of the knowledge on where to get data from. Most of the time, try to find the information on the web
3-Advanced – someone that has been working with SCCM for a while, has a good knowledge of SQL and know where to get the SCCM data on the SQL, if you give them the SQL Management Studio, he’ll give you a report, but lack of the knowledge to create the reporting using SSRS
4-Expert – someone that has been working with SCCM for long time, able to use SQL as well as reporting and know what works or not.

On the top of these 4 categories, we are tech, so we don’t know how to create good reports. We like details, so our reports normally have lots of details, we don’t care about colours, so red does not mean anything is bad, it only means that it is the colour that was probably choose by the system, and printing a pie graph, everything looks the same because someone printed black and white…and we don’t care…we don’t print, we’re eco friendly.

So, back to the book. This is the book that everyone, in any of the above categories, does not matter on which one you’re, you’ll benefit from it and the reason, does not matter how good you’re with SCCM and Reporting, there is always something new to learn.

if you’re someone that is expected to create reports, knowing or not where to get the SQL data from? This book is for you, you’ll learn this..Or you’re the one that needs to prepare the SCCM reporting infrastructure, how to install and configure sccm for reporting, do you need an execution account? What does it do? This book is for you, you’ll learn this..

Maybe you’re just trying to learn how to convert your already created reporting to use the role based administration (RBA)? This book is for you, you’ll learn this.

In resume, if you’re someone that wants to learn more about SCCM reporting and how to proper configure your SSRS, this is the place to start.


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