SCCM-SCCM Installation via PowerShell

Hi All,

the 4th post of this series of SCCM via PowerShell, we’ll be looking at the SCCM Installation…

1st, we need to download the pre-requisite files (assuming you’ve copied the source files of SCCM to c:\SCCMCBSource).


2nd- Run the pre-requisite check to confirm there is o issues on the server to install (also, assuming the computer name is SRV0002.classroom.intranet)


3rd- Creating a firewall rule, so you can run the SCCM console from a remote machine


4th- Let’s perform the site installation. assuming here that you’ll be installing as evaluation, sitecode will be 001, site name will be Training Lab and the installation folder will be c:\ConfigMgr


that’s it for today. next post we’ll be looking at validations..see you soon


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