SCCM-Site Server Requirements via PowerShell

Hi All,

the 2nd post of this series of SCCM via PowerShell, we’ll be looking at the Site Server Requirements…

1st, it is .net framework 3.5. For this, you’ll need to have access to the Windows Server (2012 or 2016) source files. Copy the content of the DVD to c:\WSSource


2nd- Confirm the .Net Framework 4.6 is installed. On the default installation, it is already installed, so we only need to check, so running the below powershell, you’ll see the Installed under Install State


3rd- Install the RDC windows feature


4th- Windows ADK. 1st, we need to download the ADK Setup File to a location in the hard drive (so create a folder called c:\TrainingFiles\Source\ADK and c:\TrainingFiles\Source\ADKW10). After that, we’ll download the ADK Files using the downloaded ADK Setup file. once it is completed (it will take a while), we’ll install the ADK


#5th-lastly, we need to configure the cmtrace to be the default log viewer (not necessary if you want to use notepad to read all the files). i prefer to have the cmtrace under c:\windows, so my 1st step is to copy it from the SCCMCBSource (refer to my 1st post about creating it).


that’s it for today.


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