SCCM-Software Update Compliance taking long time

Hi All,

have you ever wonder why the Software Update Compliance takes long time to report the correct date?

often that I get this question from a customer that wants to know what the status just after a software update deployment, but when I mean just after, I mean just few minutes. there are lots of things that could cause the status not being showing correctly, like network, etc. that is outside ConfigMgr, but in this post, lets talk about the main one, state messages.

When using SCCM 2012/2012 R2, the default detailed level setting when deployment a software update group is to report only success and errors messages. this is quite ok for most environments where you go to the deployment node and check things from there, but you’ll not get the compliance for each update.

there are 3 options: all messages, only errors messages and the default one that is only success and errors messages.

as you can imagine, if you want to have quick information about each updates, you need to select this option (that was the default on SCCM 2007). this of course, will increase a bit the network traffic, but as far as I can tell, not that much anyway.

this can also be seeing when you go to the software update group, deployment

but if you have multiple update groups with multiple deployment, this could take at least few hours and maybe a day to compile the list, and so, powershell to the rescue

now imagine that you need to change all deployments to have the detail as all messages? a single line of powershell can do the trick.


hope this is helpful


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