SCCM – What’s new on 1806

SCCM – What’s new on 1806
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Hi All,

SCCM 1806 has been released this week (announcement at here) and has loads of features as you can see all of them here

In this post, i’ll talk about some of the features..

1- Current Logged user.
Now we can see who is actually using the machine…i’ve done some tests and the console gets updated in just 2 minutes once a user logs on to a machine, and takes about 5 minutes once logs off. its is pretty amazing, and it is using the BGB (Client Notification) channel.

2- CMTrace
CMTrace is finally part of the client installation, you can use it from c:\Windows\CCM\CMTrace.exe, and if you want to know how to register it as the default log viewer, i have a powershell example on my gibhub

3- CMPivot
you can now get realtime information from a collection. CMPivot uses a subset of the Azure Log Analytics language, so if you’re familiar with Log analytics, it will be a piece of cake to use CMPivot. Microsoft tests it should not use a lot of network but it will depend on what query you’re doing 🙂 (refer to Inside CMPivot for more info)

4- Content management
you can now move the sccmcontentlib to a remote server, so you don’t need it on the site server, however, you’ll not be able to do it if your site server is aldo a Distribution Point..

5- CMG simplified and CMG content
Microsoft is simplifying CMG as much as theyy can, the command line is being simplified as well as the requirements (if you enable the Enhanced HTTP site system feature, azure domain-joined devices can comunicate with HTTP Management Point. Also, CMG now can host content, so no need to have additional server on azure to host (Cloud Distribution Point)

6- Phased deployment
you can now phase your deployments, so you can start with a Pilot and when the pilot reach a certain level of success you start rolling out

7- Deploy SW Updates without content
you can now have a deployment of Updates without downloading any content, you can force the clients to go to Microsoft itself. Interesting for scenarios where there is no local DP and poor network, but great internet connectivity

8- Software Updates 3rd party
have you ever used SCUP??! if yes, you don’t need it anymore, it is now built-in on SCCM itself

there are some many other beauties on this release, Office 365, Task Sequence, LEDBAT, peer cache partial download, and many, many others…

check all of them here


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