SCCM-Windows Update 6.2.x on Windows 10?

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I have been reviewing a report I did for a customer where all Windows 10 machines were reporting Windows Update Agent 6.2.x. what caused my customer to send few people on few windows 10 machines and try to troubleshoot windows update issues where it did not exist. of course, after couple of hours/day, they realise this was a data issue instead of their environment issue.

When I started to review, I looked at my lab and I had the same. Executing a query on fn_rbac_UpdateScanStatus, I saw all my windows 10 machines also reporting Windows Update Agent 6.2.x


So something was wrong. but why? 1st step was to check if the files on the client where the correct version. if you want to know where I discovered which file to look, click here.

As you can see, the file was with the windows 10 version…so I checked Powershell

and again, Windows Update Agent is version 10.x..

started speaking with Microsoft about this and got the confirmation that this is a bug, basically, Windows 10 introduced a breaking change for the version API’s.

This is easy to identify, if you have Visual Studio, create an console application to print the System.Environment.OSVersion.VersionString. on a Windows 10 machine it things it is Microsoft Windows NT 6.2.9200.0…

The ConfigMgr team tried their best to fix it before releasing the code to support windows 10, but they have missed this one.

Anyway, they are aware of the issue and I hope it will get fixed on the next hotfix/cumulative update for SCCM 2012/2012 R2.


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