To cloud or not to cloud?

To cloud or not to cloud?

For those that know me, knows that I’m a huge fan of cloud when it makes sense. Be on cloud just to tell people that is on cloud does not make sense and your company is probably losing money.

For small companies, be on cloud is always the simplest solution, they don’t need infrastructure, they don’t need to buy anything, so, they don’t need a lot of money to start.

With the big push from Microsoft and with its new corporation theme “cloud first mobile first”, many companies are migrating or using some sort of cloud.

The benefit exist, how much would cost you to host an exchange server in your company? The license for office proplus? Energy? Server? Backup? etc. And not forgetting, someone to help you with the setup and monthly maintenance.

If you get office 365, you get the same for about £15 + vat per person and you get this, everywhere when you have Internet connection.

This is great isn’t it? And if you have any problem, you can contact Microsoft and they will fix it for you (so you think)

My email and few other people are hosted on Microsoft office 365 cloud, including the email that we use to send the newsletter are hosted there

As we’re small and the benefits not having to worry about backup, etc. make sense and because we’re system Center people, we have adfs, dirsync etc enabled

However, few weeks ago, we had a problem in one of our servers we had to disable adfs for all domains. Most of the accounts worked, except 25% of the accounts we have are non-functional.

We tried to revert the password but we were not able to access the account. We checked all settings and everything seems fine, So what to do next? Open a support case with Microsoft (on the 5th/feb) and because it is email issue I would expect to be resolved in just couple of days, however, it is not the case.

After reading this, you can imagine that this is a really hard case with any people involved, etc…but unfortunately it is not true…

I don’t know what the problem is because after 13 days I have not been contacted by Microsoft support (even after sending them lots of request for update), cc many “duty managers”, “team leaders”, etc…

Now, imagine if the service was hosted in our office? Yes we would have a big initial investment, servers, backup etc, however in this situation if I don’t have the account working in couple of hours I would create a new one and restore a backup, and if I don’t know how, I would hire some exchange person. But on the cloud, how can I migrate data from one account to another when I cannot even have access to it?

And now, does cloud make sense? Cloud still make sense for us, however the support provided by Microsoft couldn’t be worse (well what support?!?!?)

Now you can imagine how many small companies are in the same situation as I’m now? And what about the large corporations that have migrated to office 365? Imagine if the account was a financial trader that makes a lot of money per day, do you think Microsoft would do what they are doing to my company?

We are serious considering change our cloud provider as office 365 seems a good choice until you actually need their support.

So, when you’re deciding to go to cloud, you need to have add the support on this calculation because having no email can affect your business.

At the moment I’m really pissed off all this and for me it is clear that Microsoft support is not ready for the “cloud first mobile first world”

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Raphael is a 9 times Microsoft MVP with over 20 years of experience in IT, in which 13 years have been dedicated to System Center and Automation. His extended experience has been developed through several IT roles, from first-line support to principal consultant, towards a wide range of clients and sectors. One of the four MVPs in Enterprise Client Management in the UK, Raphael holds more than 30 Microsoft certifications and is an MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer). Since 2008, Raphael has been providing Microsoft trainings from basic to advanced levels in several categories. Throughout his career, Raphael has joined as speaker in well-known events such as TechEd and Gartner Security Risk Management. He also organised community events and lectured around the world, sharing best practices and knowledge within the industry. Bilingual in English and Portuguese, Raphael has authored diverse articles published in Microsoft's TechEd, served as the editor-in-chief of a magazine focused on System Center in Brazil and wrote two books: "Understanding System Center 2012 SP1 Configuration Manager: The walkthrough book" and "System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager: Automation from Zero to Hero".

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