TucanData Acquires RFL Systems

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RFL Systems is now part of TucanData

Hi All, after many months of conversation, today, I’m proud to say that the acquisition of RFL Systems by TucanData Ltd has been completed..

RFL Systems has been founded to provide the best in System Center Consultancy and Training and since 2015, RFL Systems has been working on a tool called BI Dashboard, a Business Intelligence Software for System Center Configuration Manager. It gives me great pride to say that the BI Dashboard has over 3,000 active installations and over 10,000 downloads.

I wanted to inform that the acquisition and what this acquisition mean to our clients. There are few things I want to highlight:
• Things have not changed one bit. The team of consultants and developers is retained and they will continue doing the awesome job they have being doing.

• The BI Dashboard is still being developed. In fact, very soon you will see some new features for the BI Dashboard. We have made significant progress in the development of this product and it should be available to you soon. So please stay tuned for that.

• All RFL Systems free resources will continue to be available and we will continue to enhance and create new resources.

• And it is not only this, the acquisition also provides the best of Microsoft world for our clients. We now can provided not only System Center related experts but also we can cover most of the Microsoft stack.

TucanData has been a Microsoft consultancy since its foundation, but it is not about Microsoft anymore. We have embraced all technologies, the core will still remain with Microsoft but we will be expanding and this expansion will primary be seeing on the Development world. We hope the BI Dashboard will be your go-to reporting and data monitoring solution, for any data source.

Raphael Perez

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