TucanData DataExplorer

TucanData DataExplorer

The TucanData DataExplorer was initially developed by RFL Systems (company acquired by TucanData in September 2016 – more info about at http://thedesktopteam.com/raphael/tucandata-acquires-rfl-systems/). The solution provides extensions to enterprise applications, enhancing reports and data visualisation capabilities. TucanData’s DataExplorer is a cutting-edge data visualisation platform which helps enterprises to consume and distribute strategic business information.

The solution was created to help System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) administrators to analyse and monitor SCCM data as well as provide an easy way to allow a non-technical person to understand the SCCM Data. The solution has expanded since its conception and today it also has Active Directory, Office 365, System Center Service Manager (SCSM) and Hyper-V modules.

It provides the following benefits:
Straightforward and easy to use. Visualisation of what you want is just a drag and drop click away;
Ready to use. There is no need to spend time creating queries and trying to creating a report based on the data, with a number of built-in queries and templates, you just need to connect to the source of the information;
Simplified analytics and decision-making. How many users have not changed their passwords recently, how many computers have not installed the latest software updates, how many office 365 licenses are being used? These are just some examples how the solution can help your company make better and informed decision;
No need to reload the data to visualise how the data will appear on the screen, you are already seeing it;
No need to reload the data to drill down or get detailed information, the data is already there;
Automatically refresh data and keep an up to data view of the information;
Extending the capacity of the detailed information is just a click away, with a right-click functionality;
Secure access to SCCM data; most (if not all) queries, rely on the RBAC SCCM functionality, allowing the user to see only what they are allowed to see (also this functionality can be disabled if required);
Secure access to the Dashboard; you can choose who has access to view and/or edit the dashboard;
Powerful; filter the data, create visualisation rules, export to Excel, PDF or Image, create your own queries and visualisation;

The following executables are part of the package:
DataExplorer Designer allows you to create and edit a single Dashboard. You can or create queries, import or create dashboards.
DataExplorer Viewer allows you to visualise a collection of Dashboard. When using the viewer, you add as many dashboard files you want and specify the refresh schedule for each file. The dashboard will refresh the dashboard data when need as well as will shift tabs in a pre-defined interval (that is set by you).
DataExplorer WebViewer allows you to visualize a simple Dashboard using a web browser or Mobile devices (tables, phones). **Functionality currently in beta**
DataExplorer Connector allows you to collect data from sources where the back-end is not a SQL database, like an Active Directory, Office 365, Hyper-V. It connects to the source of information in a scheduled interval and add data to a cache SQL Database that can be used with the DataExplorer Design, Viewer or WebViewer.

At TucanData, we understand there are skilled IT Administrators as well as non-skilled IT Administrators.

Both type of IT Administrators can benefit from using the solution, allowing them to quickly analyse and monitor data without spending a lot of time creating and customised report, and it is simple, they just need to use the built-in queries and templates. If the built-in queries and templates are not sufficient, we provide a way for you to create your own queries and data visualisation.

Interested?!?! Download our 45-day trial today and start making a difference on your company.


Raphael is a 9 times Microsoft MVP with over 20 years of experience in IT, in which 13 years have been dedicated to System Center and Automation. His extended experience has been developed through several IT roles, from first-line support to principal consultant, towards a wide range of clients and sectors. One of the four MVPs in Enterprise Client Management in the UK, Raphael holds more than 30 Microsoft certifications and is an MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer). Since 2008, Raphael has been providing Microsoft trainings from basic to advanced levels in several categories. Throughout his career, Raphael has joined as speaker in well-known events such as TechEd and Gartner Security Risk Management. He also organised community events and lectured around the world, sharing best practices and knowledge within the industry. Bilingual in English and Portuguese, Raphael has authored diverse articles published in Microsoft's TechEd, served as the editor-in-chief of a magazine focused on System Center in Brazil and wrote two books: "Understanding System Center 2012 SP1 Configuration Manager: The walkthrough book" and "System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager: Automation from Zero to Hero".

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