UEV – UEV Template to ADMX/ADML

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recently i was at a customer site implementing UEV. For those that don’t know what UEV is, it is the Microsoft User Experience Virtualization. It basically monitor windows and application and save data to a shared folder. the data that it saves are basically registry and files.

You may think why people use it (or similar tool). it is easy, once you have your “personalization”, you can move machines and get the same experience on the next machine without need to customize it again.

Microsoft gives few templates out of the box, but you need to create (or download from other sources, such as Technet Gallery).

However, when you need to administer the utilization of these templates centrally, there is no easy way. Phil Schwan created a post that shows you how to change an ADMX/ADML of the existing UE-V Template for a simple application. But what happen, if you want to create this for all templates you’ve created/downloaded from the internet?!?!?

Well…thinking about this (and trying to save my customer time), i’ve created a powershell script that does this. It will search for a template folder for all XML files and create 2 files. 1 ADMX and 1 ADML that should be copied to the PolicyDefinitions and PolicyDefinitions\en-us folders

once the files are there, you’ll see a new Folder when editing the GPO

and under the application folder, you’ll see also the list of applications you can administer

Note: This only works for Windows Desktop applications. I’ll be updating this update (when i have time) to allow managing Windows 8/8.1 applications.

Anyway, download the script eere


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