W10-Customizing Lock Screen

Hi All,

With windows 10, actually, since Windows 8, Microsoft changed the way you could change the Lock screen (or logon screen for some). Today, you can do it via computer GPO(Administrative Template -> Control -> Personalization -> Force a specific default lock screen image).

As you can imagine, you need to have the same screen resolution on your environment or you cannot use this setting properly, or you may have many GPO’s, one for each screen resolution that you can get and have WMI filter.

As you can imagine, this is probably the worst option as it will be difficult to manage.

Anyway, I have created a PowerShell script (below) that will help you. This PowerShell will check the current resolution and copy the correct wallpaper to the correct folder (where the user has rights to write/modify) on each logon. So you always have the latest version for the resolution. Once it is done, at next reboot, you get the correct wallpaper and only need to have 1 GPO applying for all your computers. The same script could be used to set the user’s background via bginfo.



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