Workshop day – We want hear from you

Hi All,

We are thinking to create a new type of event called “workshop day” and we’d like to hear from you want you think about this.

This is what we’re thinking:
1-  Saturday
2- Central London
3- Small crowd (maybe up to 20/30 people)
4- Paid

what you’ll get
1- real life scenarios
2- exclusive content
3- documentation and/or recording  of the sessions (when we are able to record)
4- we are your voice…it means, you’ll be part of the sessions, bring your scenario
5- refreshments and lunch
6- networking
6- prizes

For the 1st workshop, we selected the theme: “Scripting and Automation for CM 2012, the basics”, it means, let’s use powershell, wmi, sql, etc…it means that we’ll not be teaching you CM12 (you need to know it) and it would be nice to know (at least the basics) or related technologies, such as Active Directory, SQL, WQL and of course, powershell

But why are you creating a paid event?
well…we could say lots of things, but the main reason is: running an event costs money, it is venue, food, prizes, etc…and we’d love to keep all events free, however, based on our last event where 100+ people registered and only 25 showed up, we decided to have an paid event with exclusive content and small crowd…

do you like the idea?

We want to hear from you..send your queries/comments to


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