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Internet Explorer Bug MS14-021

0.0 00 Players, I thought this was old news now, but I have noticed (and also been asked about) the security bug in IE might still be unknown to some. The long and short of the vulnerability is that a hacker can execute remote commands on all versions of Windows through IE. The bulletin from MS can be found here It has since been patched since early May, but if you find yourself without the patch please have a look here … SCCM administrators … you know what to do 🙂 Enjoy, Heinrich Pelser

SCCM 2012 – Application Catalog & IE Enable Protected Mode

5.0 02 Hi All, recently i was at a customer site trying to request/install an Application via Application Catalog website and it was failing. if I select my devices, I see “This setting cannot be configured because of a network communication of a configuration problem” and looking at the ConfigMgrSoftwareCatalog.log, I see MySystemsPageView.DetermineIsPrimary-Error:Could not communicate with the client control properly. Error 0x1709. Debugging resource strings are unavailable. See 0x80041003 Looking at the URL provided, i did not see anything, the website was actually returning “The definition of the resource id could not be found” and if you check the error 0x80041003, you’ll notice that it is Access denied, but why?!?! i checked everything and i was sure everything was configured properly. I went back to a test machine and started checking all IE security settings and noticed that the IE Enable Protected Mode for the security zone (in my…

Path to Windows 7 – Part III. Application Compatibility

0.0 00 One of the main reasons why companies are delaying their migration from Windows XP to Windows 7 is the lack of compatibility with business critical applications, and sometime it can be a show stopper. There are a few tools and application delivery mechanism that can solve those issues. Now that we have a complete inventory and rationalized our applications with MAP and Centrix WorkSpace iQ, we are left with a list of application that will be delivered to the Windows 7 users. The next step is to assess the compatibility of those applications on Windows 7 and on the platform that will deliver the application. There are a few different options here. The first decision to make is “32 or 64 bit” version of Windows 7, this decision will imply changes on the application compatibility results. The recommended platform is 64 bit, and it is recommended to companies without…

TechDays Online UK 2011 – Windows 7 and Internet Explorer

0.0 00   TechDays Online UK 2011 was a very interesting event. I had the pleasure to present 2 sessions, the first about Windows 7 as the best desktop experience and Why Internet Explorer is awesome for the Enterprise. All the recordings for TechDays are available at the TechNet UK Team Blog. I managed to re-encode my sessions so they can be uploaded to youtube. Enjoy and leave your feedback.   Find the link for the presentations on slideshare on this other post:

IEAK – Internet Explorer Administration Kit

0.0 00 Internet Explorer Administration Kit, IEAK, provides administrators with powerful, easy-to-use options designed to save you time and money in deploying and managing Web solutions. IEAK allows you to: Establish version control across your organization. Centrally distribute and manage browser installations. Configure automatic connection profiles for users’ machines. Customize virtually any aspect of Internet Explorer, including features, security, communications settings, and other important elements. IEAK 9, and all you need to know about it can be found here

TechDays Online UK Presentations

0.0 00 Last Thursday, October 27th I had the pleasure to present 2 sessions at the Microsoft Techdays Online. On the first session I covered the enterprise features of Windows 7 and why it is a good time to migrate away from Windows XP.   Windows 7 The Best Desktop Experience View more presentations from David Nudelman On my session I talked about Why Internet Explorer 9 is awesome for the enterprise. Also had the opportunity to demo Cross-site scripting and Group Policies for IE. Why Internet Explorer 9 is awesome for the enterprise View more presentations from David Nudelman