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SCCM – Updated E-book SCCM Administration v3

4.4 09 Hi All, my updated SCCM e-book has finally been released. It took some time to write up and test. With 130 pages divided in 37 chapters, you’ll find lots of good info about starting with SCCM. And it is free… In this version, I removed Linux related topics, Updated Windows 10 to 1709, added sections for Cloud Management Gateway (CMG), Windows 10 Express updates, SCCM Data warehouse, Office 365 Installer, Windows 10 Update Readiness, Pending Reboot, updated some other section for SCCM 1710 and updated/added some powershell scripts To download, click here. let me know if you have any feedback

W10-Customizing Lock Screen

5.0 02 Hi All, With windows 10, actually, since Windows 8, Microsoft changed the way you could change the Lock screen (or logon screen for some). Today, you can do it via computer GPO(Administrative Template -> Control -> Personalization -> Force a specific default lock screen image). As you can imagine, you need to have the same screen resolution on your environment or you cannot use this setting properly, or you may have many GPO’s, one for each screen resolution that you can get and have WMI filter. As you can imagine, this is probably the worst option as it will be difficult to manage. Anyway, I have created a PowerShell script (below) that will help you. This PowerShell will check the current resolution and copy the correct wallpaper to the correct folder (where the user has rights to write/modify) on each logon. So you always have the latest version…

Everything You Wanted to Know and Ask about Windows Deployment

0.0 00 With the release of Windows 8 approaching, many questions are still unanswered. One of them is “What are the changes on the deployment methods for Windows 8”? Well, the good news is that Microsoft is organizing 2 webcasts to talk about that. Don’t miss it!   TechNet Webcast: Everything You Wanted to Know and Ask about Windows Deployment (Part 1) Registration URL:  or Date/ Time:    Tuesday, May 15, 2012 – 9-10am (Pacific) Abstract: In this demonstration-rich, question and answer webcast, Windows Product Manager Stephen Rose moderates an open conversation with Microsoft Deployment Toolkit Product Manager Michael Niehaus and deployment guru Johan Arwidmark. They discuss the new Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2012 release as well as tips and tricks from the experts about using the Windows Deployment Toolkit. __________   TechNet Webcast: Everything You Wanted to Know and Ask about Windows Deployment (Part 2) Registration URL:   or …